My Thoughts…..  Any success guru  will tell you to visualize what you want, and what you want to happen in your life.  When the vision feels real enough you will be pressed to find a way to make it happen.   Many people will do it if they want more money in their bank accounts.   People do it to visualize better homes and good relationships too.

I say you can do it to visualize your way out of an abusive relationship.    It’s almost like running through the steps right before a race.  You see in your mind the starting point and the distance you need to go.  You see the path you have to take and the obstacles along the way you must get around.  You then can see clearly in to distance the huge sign saying “finish line.”     Your mind can visualize anything you want, if you want it badly enough.

Even if you’ve been in a situation you feel there is no way out.  You can imagine yourself in a better place.   I know it’s true because I did it.   When I was in my abusive marriage, the greatest weapon I had at my disposal was my hope of a better life and my imagining it.

When the chaos of the last incident died down, and he left the house, I would sit and imagine myself in a peaceful place, a happy place, a safe place.    I would imagine the things and people I would have in my new life.  I wouldn’t see too far ahead, a day at a time was fine for me.  I would just imagine what a day would be like.  When I closed my eyes I saw a movie screen in front of me.   I saw myself in my new apartment with all the things I love surrounding me.  The smell of fragrant food cooking in the kitchen.  I look in the mirror as I pass and see my complexion is clear and smooth, my face tranquil, content and relaxed.  My body moves freely.  I’m safe now.

I imagined that day and my new life every day for a long time, until the day finally came and I found myself in that exact life.  Free from abuse, doing the things I love with the people who mean the most to me.   And knowing that holding the seed  of hope and imagination  in my mind and heart, helped me  to “see” my future and act on it.

___TE Napolez, Author

About tenapolez

I am new to blogging but not new to writing. I want my blog to have the affect people need to hear.
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