My Thoughts….  If,  at this moment you’re in a hospital room recovering from abuse, or you’re in a shelter fearful, and wondering what your next step should be.  Or, you could be at home, your apartment or house, and cleaning up again,  the after effects of another round of blow-up from your husband or boyfriend.    Just know that you ARE NOT ALONE.    There are thousands of women who are going through  very similar circumstances.  But,  because of the shame and isolation women feel who are in abusive relationships, they believe no one would believe them, or help them.

I felt the same way.  I would look at people around me smiling, couples hugging and laughing, and think, “Why is my life not like that?”     Of course I also told no one what I was going through, and that kept the isolation going.  Plus, not many people want to hear about your bad relationship, especially if you’ve been in it for a while.  People, after a while, think, “you don’t really want out.”

The majority of Battered women are looking for a way out.  Again, I say, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.   I understand you, how you feel, what you’re going through, and why you may be staying.  But, I need to tell you, regardless of why you’re staying, you need to know there is a better  way.  You must know you deserve a better life, a happy life, a safe and peaceful life.

There are organizations and people who will listen to you, who will help you find your way out of your abusive relationship.  These people are trained, non-judgmental, caring and compassionate.  You don’t have to know this minute what and how your next step will be.  You just need to take that step and call.  The information and guidance will be there.

Call any of these numbers.  Domestic Violence Hotline  # 1800-799-7233

Teen Dating Abuse Helpline #   1-866-331-9474

___T.E. Napolez

About tenapolez

I am new to blogging but not new to writing. I want my blog to have the affect people need to hear.
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