One Hell of a Wake-Up call

My Thoughts on Waking Up

Just when you think your life is finally on track, something happens to let you know you still have work to do on yourself.

If you’ve read my book, Run for Your Life, From the Love of Your Life, a Woman’s Rescue and Recovery Guide.  I devote a chapter on all the symptoms and diseases that can come into your body, mind, and soul, when you’re in an abusive relationship–PTSD is one of them.(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).     What I didn’t realize was how it can continue to affect your life, even when you think everything is fine.

I knew I was suffering from it because I would JUMP 2 feet high if I heard the sound of a man’s LOUD voice.  Or an unexpected door slamming.  And I probably paid for my naprapath’s  vacations with all the appointments for the chronic back and neck pains I’ve had  after my divorce, and I continue to see her for the same symptoms, years later.  The chronic muscle strains in my  back and neck, along with the anxiety I feel just knowing I might run into my ex, sends shivers through me.  And this is after I’ve been out of that marriage for years.  Let’s not even talk about how hard it’s been to trust again.

Yet none of these chronic symptoms “clicked” with me.  I just thought this was the years catching up with me.   Well, it took a sleepless night, one of many  for my brain to say OK.  Something is not right.  I so wanted to be ok, I fought this realization so hard.  I did everything I thought was right after that marriage, I went to see a therapist, I exercised, ate right, did yoga.  Yet,  I knew my body’s memory, through my muscles was holding on to what I’d been through.    I knew I finally had to do something about it.  My body deserved better and I deserved better.

We hear of soldiers going through PTSD,  being in a war.  But women in abusive relationships are also traumatized from being in a war-like state. And, like soldiers, can be traumatized for years or a lifetime.   THE WORD NEEDS TO GET OUT!

Women, if you been through; Physical, Emotional, and/or Psychological abuse with your husband or boyfriend, you have some form of PTSD.

In my book, Run for Your Life, from the Love of your Life.  I tell women to get counseling, that is so important.  But, I have found that Body-work such as;  Yoga for Trauma, Massage, Reiki are also extremely important.  PTSD is in your mind, emotions, and muscles.   So, if you find that you still need counseling, do it.    I started doing Yoga for Trauma and Stress Relief, as well as getting more massages.  I intend on doing it for as long as needed.   I urge every woman, regardless of how you are feeling now to try it.  You just may find it to be just what the Dr. ordered.

About tenapolez

I am new to blogging but not new to writing. I want my blog to have the affect people need to hear.
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