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Gut instinct-also called;  intuition, flash of insight, third sight, hunch,  goosebumps, hairs rising on the back of the neck,  stomachache, headache, bad dreams or whatever way your body wants to get your attention.  What it really is is a nature based warning system and instilled in everyone.    Some people have a greater sensitivity to their second sight, I encourage everyone to get in touch with theirs, it could save your life.

Which brings me to the story of Talia.  But, her story could be the story of hundreds of women just like her.  Who are presented with a choice.  Talia was in a live-in  relationship when she began to see red flags.  She made a decision that she didn’t want to be in a toxic relationship, and told him to leave.  She listened to that voice inside, her gut instinct.  But, unfortunately for Talia  loneliness and her heart overrode her gut instinct.  Because, not only did she let him back in, but decided to marry him.    Once married he began abusing her regularly and threatening to kill her if she left him.  The sad ending to this story is, she did leave him after less than a year of marriage, she got a restraining order, and even left the city to hide, but he found her and killed her with a hatchet.  I’m not blaming Talia for what happened to her. This guy was determined to have her, and if he could not, then no one would.    This is meant to be a lesson on listening to that voice within the first time it pushes your buttons and tells you to run,  regardless of how lonely you are.  My thoughts on gut instinct are; it’s there for a reason, listen when it speaks, be aware of the subtle signals it sends.  It’s only job is to protect you.

About tenapolez

I am new to blogging but not new to writing. I want my blog to have the affect people need to hear.
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