My First Blog an Introduction

Hello, my name is T.E. Napolez.    I have been a Battered Wife and am now an Advocate for the end to Domestic Violence.  I’ve experienced it all; physical, emotional and psychological abuse.  I’m still here and now want to help others, women and men who find themselves in that same situation.  At one time I thought about just getting on with my life and forgetting about it.  I’m enough removed from that time in my life to not let it invade my joy today.    But, how could I completely forget when everyday I read about another woman or teenager being stalked, maimed, beaten, or killed by the man she loves or once loved.    It seems nothing has changed in the years since I’ve been out of my  marriage.  The abuse continues-among rich athletes, lower income workers, and high salaried professionals.     And, close to home, one of my friends was attacked and almost murdered by her  live-in boyfriend.      I had to do something.    I decided to write a book, written through my eyes and feelings of my ultimate Rescue and Recovery.  I want the same for every woman who reads it too.   My blog will be about my thoughts on the feelings that keep a woman in abuse, and the beliefs and feelings that will take her out of it.    So, please check out my book, Run for your Life, From the Love of Your Life- a Woman’s Rescue and Recovery Guide, in paperback and ebook on Amazon, and ibook.  And come back for my blog, and please leave comments, I want to know what you think.  T.E.

About tenapolez

I am new to blogging but not new to writing. I want my blog to have the affect people need to hear.
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